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What Is Spirituality? The Ultimate Guide!


The word “spirituality” is used quite a lot nowadays.  But what does it mean exactly and how does it impact your life?  Perhaps you know spirituality as something related to religion.  Others might say it means not being materialistic or superficial.

The interpretations are endless, but its impact on human life is worth exploring.  So, follow along as we explore the many facets of spirituality and how you can integrate it into your life.

what is spiritism?

So, what exactly is Spiritism?

What Is Spiritism?

To understand spiritism and spirituality, you have to understand that spiritism does not have a single, finite meaning.  Spiritism and spirituality are broad concepts that are full of different perspectives.

Spiritism involves searching for higher meanings of life.  As well as striving to connect to something greater than ourselves.

Spiritism is an aspect of humanity that focuses on how individuals seek and express purpose.  How they connect to the moment, to the self, to others, to nature, and to the divine.

You can consider it a universal human experience.  One that people describe as transcendent, sacred, and deeply connected everything around them.

Many individuals closely tie spiritualism or spiritism with religion.  They are not the same, but they are not completely independent of one another.  The thing about spiritualism is that its practice is up to the individual.  Generally, it is not part of an organized religion.

Some people find comfort, and a deep inter-connectedness, by having a relationship with God or some other higher being.  Meanwhile, others find a connection through nature, relationships or art.

Your sense of spiritism can evolve throughout your life; just as your beliefs, your sense of purpose and your relationships evolve.


/ˈspɪrɪtɪz(ə)m/ noun another term for spiritualism.

the benefits of spirituality

What are the benefits of spirituality?

The Benefits of Spirituality

Regardless of how you interpret spirituality and how you practice it, spirituality has many great health benefits.  There are numerous studies out there that suggest spirituality is beneficial to your mental and physical health and may even promote a longer life.

Reduces Stress Levels
Stress seems to be an inevitable part of our modern lives.  From pressures at work to personal relationship problems, stress is unavoidable.  As such, incorporating spirituality is one productive way to relieve stress.

Mindful spirituality practices, such as meditation and prayer, can help you focus your energy in a positive way.  So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, find a quiet spot where you can free your mind of whatever is burdening you.

Reduces Depression
Depression can cause persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness, which can interfere in your daily life

Therapy and medication are popular remedies but practicing spirituality through yoga and meditation have been proven to relieve some of the effects of depression.

Meditation, as you will see later on, can be practiced in a variety of ways. However, the most effective meditation for depression is meditation that focuses on awareness and being 'present' (in the moment).

In particular, yoga is a great way to reduce some symptoms of depression because its exercises and movements work to ground you and align your body with positive energy.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is closely related to high stress levels. In your body, when you get stressed out, stress hormones increase your heart rate and narrow your blood vessels which drive up your blood pressure.

As such, using spirituality to lower your stress levels can also lower your blood pressure.

Improves Your Social Connections
A major part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is maintaining healthy relationships.  Bad personal relationships can negatively impact your health.

However, spirituality and learning to channel your energy in a positive way can lead to healthier relationships. In turn, it is easier for you to handle your personal relationships in the long run.

Helps You Live Longer
There are some studies that suggest that attending some sort of spiritual event, like church service, can greatly reduce the chances of death and diseases.  If it sounds a little far fetched, just think back to the other benefits we listed above.

Stress, depression, high blood pressure are all factors that can exhaust an individual and potentially lead to long-term illness.

If you combat these negative factors with spiritual practices (where you try to unburden and ground yourself), you do improve your chances of living a longer and healthier life.

the types of spirituality

What are the different types of spirituality?

Types of Spirituality

We mentioned earlier that spirituality is a very broad concept.  Yet, despite the many different ways you can practice spirituality, we can separate them into three distinct groups.  These groups are religious spirituality, non-religious spirituality, and toxic spirituality.

Religious Spirituality
Religious spirituality has to be the most familiar form of spirituality.  This type of spirituality involves connecting with some higher form through your church, temple, mosque or synagogue.

Others connect to something beyond themselves through prayer or through deep introspection or religious books.  For many people practicing this form of spirituality, their spirituality is completely shaped by their organized religion.

Non-Religious Spirituality
Non-religious spirituality focuses on creating peace and balance in an individual by doing something positive. In particular, it focuses on creating something positive by hand. It is said to bring you a sense of peace and satisfaction.

This could mean taking up a new hobby, like pottery or painting.  For example, if something is upsetting you, you could play a musical instrument.  In this way, the act of creating will return your inner peace.

Creating something in response to a negative feeling or thought can develop into a healthy coping mechanism.

Toxic Spirituality
This type of spirituality involves the use of certain substances or actions to connect with that higher being.  At first, the sensation is good and makes you feel like you are experiencing something other worldly.  However, this type of spirituality can spiral very quickly.

Too much drugs, alcohol or gambling, just to name a few, can provide a high, but it is a temporary high.  What can happen, as a result, is that you might continuously chase that high until it completely takes over your life and turns into an addiction rather than a healthy life practice.

new age spirituality

What is new age spirituality?

New Age Spirituality

An interesting development in the world of spirituality is the inception of New Age Spirituality.  New Age spirituality refers to a non-unified set of beliefs that emerged in the late twentieth century.

Built upon eastern and western belief systems, this system is inclusive of many ideas.  It involves holistic health treatments, motivational and positive psychology research, studies in awareness and consciousness, and scientific doctrines.

Individuals involved in New Age spirituality do not stick to one doctrine.  Actually, New Agers strive to take their spirituality into their own hands to get closer to the divine.

It is a liberal movement that breaks free from the inflexible, strict rules of religious spirituality.  So, if you think about it, it is quite similar to the general tenets of spirituality.

There is no rigid belief system or leader. Instead, 'New Agers' function on the belief that spiritualism is innate and is responsible for their own paths toward spiritual wellness and fulfillment.

yoga meditation spirituality

What are yoga, meditation and spirituality?

Yoga, Meditation & Spirituality

I think many people would agree with me when I say that yoga has become a very mainstream practice.  This 5,000+ year old practice has now become a teeming industry for wearing cute yoga outfits and trying to build instagram followers.  However, being a true “yogi” is far from what the mainstream media depicts.

Yoga is meant to cleanse the body and soul of pent-up stress and negative emotions.  The regular practice of yoga poses is not just for the sake of a cool image.  It will help you access mental clarity.  Through mastering your body’s balance and flexibility you will become healthier, stronger and more alert.

The balance and strength you achieve through yoga is sure to bring harmony both internally and externally.  For example, learning how to breathe through your yoga poses can help you learn how to breathe through stressful situations.

Learning how to stretch through yoga poses to your own limit (and not other people’s limit) is important.  It will teach you how to achieve your best mental state in any situation.  Also, building up your physical flexibility will lead to improved mental flexibility.

Moving forward, combing yoga with meditation can give one inner spiritual strength.  Most people do not practice yoga without also practicing meditation along with it.  This will make your yoga routine much more well-rounded and beneficial.

Yoga makes the body and mind steadier and balanced.  Meditation provides a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

In turn, your spirituality is strengthened.  You are more able to handle difficult, stressful situations.  Moreover, you have a greater sense of self that makes you a happier and more confident.  It may even make you a more valuable member of society.

metaphysical and spirituality

What is the relationship between the metaphysical and spirituality?

The Metaphysical & Spirituality

Another way to think about spirituality is in relation to the metaphysical. In some ways, they are almost the same thing.  Much like spirituality, metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality.

Metaphysics seeks to understand the invisible, spiritual nature of life that transcends the physical plane, such as spiritual and psychic powers.

The metaphysical has two aspects to it that are key to understanding your own spirituality.

First, studying the metaphysical means studying the process of the human mind and the nature of human character and relationships.  It emphasizes living a good life and personal responsibility.

This ties into spirituality because it highlights the importance of a balanced self and living in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Second, studying the metaphysical is much like studying a religion.  It is about trying to understand the prime source of the universe, like the power of God or natural and spiritual law.

Similar to channeling spirituality, this form of metaphysical study teaches you how to unite and connect to the powers of the universe to improve yourself and mankind as a whole.

The word “metaphysical” literally means “above the physical”.  Spirituality is no different.  When you engage with the metaphysical, you engage with the immaterial powers of the universe just as you do with any other spirituality practice.

numerology and spirituality

What part does numerology play in spirituality?

Numerology & Spirituality

Another interesting practice of spirituality is numerology.  Numerology is the study of numbers and language and their deep connection to the spirituality of human life.

Numerology is the belief that numbers, letters, and languages have spiritual powers that can uplift you.  Believe it or not, your name, address and birthday have certain spiritual frequencies that impact you.

Numerology is a spiritual science that can give you insight to yourself and show you how to create more balance and harmony in your life.

So how does numerology work exactly?

Well, here is one way to think about it.  Letters, words and languages are vibrations that are a part of a larger collective frequency.

A name has a very specific vibrancy that communicates differently to the collective frequency compared to other names.  Numerology is able to measure that frequency and how it may impact the greater collective.

In terms of spirituality, this helps define the self and its purpose in the larger scope of things.  Remember, spirituality is about finding your deeper connection to some higher, divine being.

Numerology can help you understand your contribution to the greater good.  It helps you understand the influences and behavior of yourself and other people and helps you determine your spiritual unfoldment.

horoscopes and spirituality

Are horoscopes part of spirituality?

Horoscopes & Spirituality

I think we all have at some point have given into the mystical hype of horoscopes or at least heard of them.  Horoscopes are a part of the study of astrology.  Astrology studies heavenly cycles and cosmic events and their impact on our life on earth.

It is a study that has been used throughout history long before mainstream media narrowed it down to defining our love lives and financial status.

For example, the gravitational pull of the moon moves the tides of the ocean and seas.  Astrology was once used to help farmers determine if they had a good growing season ahead.  Thus, it is clear that our life on earth is closely tied to the forces in the heavens.

It looks at the exact alignment of the planets, the sun and the moon during our birth.  And interprets these positions to determine one’s personality traits, strengths, challenges and more.

Much like numerology, astrology uses horoscopes to direct you in your path through life.  It provides a wider perspective that allows you to see your place in the bigger picture of the universe.  In this way, studying your horoscope could be an aspect of uncovering your spirituality.

Through horoscopes and astrology you have the tools to connect with higher forces.  In a fairly systematic way, you can study how the movements of the cosmos and the immaterial powers of the universe are driving you.  In turn, you may better understand yourself and be able to maintain your own inner peace.

tarot card reading

Tarot card reading and Spirituality

Tarot Card Reading & Spirituality

Almost in the same realm as horoscopes, tarot cards are also an often misconstrued spirituality tool.  When you hear tarot cards, your probably immediately think of fortune telling.

At the very least, Tarot Card Reading involves the shuffling of a deck of cards. Next, a person will choose a card.  Then, the 'reader' of the cards gives an interpretation of what the chosen card may mean.  The purpose of the tarot cards is to aid you in contacting your greater self.

Look at it this way.  The tarot cards are used to measure potential outcomes and influences surrounding a person that they might not even be aware of.  You may be wondering how it does this.

The power of tarot cards lies in the fact that it connects with your deeper intuition.  They draw out insights on your life and provide a new perspective on situations that may be troubling you or situations that you may be neglecting.

In turn, you are able to make more informed decisions and are able to act more effectively in the future.  If you think about it, tarot readings are less about projecting the future, but more about analyzing your life to help you decide your next course of action.

In this way, tarot card readings are a great tool for anyone looking to sharpen their intuition and spirituality.

First, tarot cards encourage the start of a daily spiritual practice.  Much like meditation or yoga, letting yourself dive into studying tarot cards gives you a daily dose of spiritual connection.

Second, tarot cards encourage us to use more of our intuition.  By working with tarot cards daily, you learn to give your intuition more room to speak.

Third, tarot cards introduce you to powerful, spiritual archetypes.  By spending time with the deck, you start to learn more about which spiritual archetype aligns with you.  This helps you understand yourself more and your work in the grand scope of the universe.

Fourth, tarot cards are great for meditation.  When doing a reading for yourself, you can allow yourself to connect to the spiritual archetype on the cards.  It is a great way to frame your thinking and help you contemplate the meaning of the card and its power in your life.

In general, think of tarot cards as guides towards understanding spirituality.  They are not necessarily answer all your questions but guide you to make the best decision for yourself.

psychics spiritual guides

Psychics, spiritual guides and spirituality...

Psychics, Spiritual Guides & Spirituality

So far, we have seen spirituality as a very personal journey.  Typically, the practices are very internal and individually driven.  However, you can get assistance in achieving your spirituality if you need or want it.  This is where psychics and spiritual guides come in.

Spiritual Guides (or Advisors) are individuals who help individuals discover their spirituality.  They are often trained people who have practiced deep meditation and provide guidance in your spiritual journey.

Psychics are slightly different.  Psychics are people who claim to have extrasensory abilities that allow them to identify hidden meanings and messages that are unseen by the normal eye.

Both spiritual guides and psychics have a hand in connecting with higher beings and the spiritual world.  However, spiritual guides or advisors are more about working with you to help you find your spiritual path.  Whereas, psychics try to connect you with the immaterial world.

If you are more bent on developing your own spirituality, an advisor is the better choice.  They can guide you on healthy spiritual practices and guide you towards your own self truth.

If you have more specific questions about the immaterial power of the universe, psychics may be more equipped to answer your questions.

value of spiritual well-being

What is the value of spiritual well-being?

The Value of Spiritual Well-Being

So, what is the big takeaway?  Why did we talk about all these methods of practicing spirituality?  Well, because spiritual wellness is the key to maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle.

While it is important for individuals to have good physical and mental health, spiritual health is just as important.  As a matter of fact, spiritual health brings a happy balance between your physical and mental health and ensures everything is working together properly.

In another way, it is also important for people to explore their own definitions of meaning and purpose.  It is important for everyone to be more 'in touch' with themselves and better understand how they connect to a larger narrative.  Otherwise, we may lose track of our purpose and what we are doing here.

The variety of meditative practices we listed above are good for you.  They are good for helping you deal with stressful situations and regulate your emotional responses.  Depression, anxiety and stress will be much easier to deal with.  And you will see that reflected in your health too.

Additionally, starting to pay attention to your spiritual health will also encourage you to start making healthier choices.  In turn, those choices can turn into habits that can improve the longevity of your life.


If you want to boil it down, spirituality is what you make it.  It is about listening to your intuition and truly connecting with yourself to connect with something greater.  It seems like a lofty idea, but each one of us deserves an opportunity to find our greater purpose.

Defining your own spiritual journey is important for your overall health and keeping you balanced in a fast-paced, sometimes overwhelming world.  Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.  If you have questions or comments, please share them with us.

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Angel Patel - Spirituality Writer

Angel Patel - Spirituality Writer

Writer and Author.  Angel is waging war on content mediocrity.  She loves to share her expert knowledge about everything spiritual.  She is passionate about the power of natural healing methods, "My life's mission is to help women attain everlasting happiness through spiritual enlightenment".  She is an Amazon best-selling author and is working on another book titled 'Spirituality: Absolute Enlightenment'.
She also writes regular articles about renewable energy and climate change.  
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When Angel isn't working she likes yoga, relaxing and cultural events.  

Oh, and spending time with her cats Salt and Pepper.  Angel is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Justine says:

    Thank you for pointing out that spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to religion. There are people who keep preaching the wrong things out there. Spirituality can simply mean peace with yourself and your surroundings. I wouldn’t advocate for toxic spirituality with how temporary in nature it is, also its side effects. But you do you, guys! Just be aware of the consequences.

  • Stephanie says:

    What is spirituality? For me, it’s the way I live my life and connect with the Universe. I think that this is different for everyone but I feel that the universe is a friendly place, I actually choose to think it is (as Einstein said, this is a choice). I try to meditate as often as I can and connect to the infinite source that is out there. These are the moments when I feel most as “myself”. When I am in complete silence, just watching my thoughts go by and absorbing everything that comes my way.

  • Danica J. says:

    My super religious friends don’t really get my spirituality. Instead of church, I choose to meditate. They are always like, “what is spirituality?” Haha.

  • Amber H. says:

    I have a new friend that I met at work and she is very spiritual, so she told me. I was confused by this because I assumed spirituality always dealt with religion which she is not a religious person. She asked me what I believed in and I didn’t want to sound stupid and ask what is spirituality so I acted rushed to get out of the conversation. Glad I found this long explanation for it because like I said, I had no clue any of this classified as being in tune with your spirit. Now that I know I can actually say I am spiritual in some aspects of my life, I just never knew!

  • Emma says:

    I’ve never been into drugs really. I think it’s because I have always been in tune with what spirituality truly is. My friend has said that marijuana and shrooms have “taken him to a higher realm” but I think it was just the drugs. For me, I enjoy naturally being in tune with my higher self.

  • Cassie says:

    I have never understood tarot cards – do they predict things or what? Do they show you things pertaining to you? Is something controlling them making certain ones appear?

    I totally believe in horoscopes though – all of my friends, and guys I’ve dated, their astrological signs have been spot on.

    I never put a name to spirituality really, I like to delve in many things pertaining to it, that is what spirituality is to me.

  • Ginger Toro says:

    Get a spiritual guide and visit a psychic! Best of both worlds. Totally changed my life and got me more in tune with my spirituality.

  • Maci Anderson says:

    Spirituality reduces BP, depression and stress?! Must be why my neighbor is so “high on life” lol. I never knew religion was really considered spirituality, but I think everyone’s answer to what is spirituality is different and unique 🙂

  • Liz says:

    I’ve always been into metaphysics, and I never actually knew the word metaphysical means above the physical. I take my spirituality very seriously as it’s helped me through a great deal of life events. I think everyone should become involved in some form of spirituality, whatever that may be for them.

  • Daisy Jones says:

    I ask myself every day how some people go through life, some of my friends decide to be miserable instead of trying to get spiritual and learn how to relieve from all the bad energy in the world. 🙁

  • Natalia says:

    I have been always looking for something more in life, trying to find out what’s on the other side, and learn to live the best life. Spirituality helps me a lot to stay on the right path and not lose my mind over the little things.

  • Valentina says:

    Two years ago I was reading the news every day, and it was always something bad. I started living in fear of something bad happening to me and to my family. I wasn’t even living for 6 months, I was just laying down in bed and waiting for some bad thing to hit me. I learned a lot about mediation then, and I started doing it every day. Now I am much happier.

  • Genevieve says:

    When I started reading about spirituality for the first time I was really skeptical, but nothing helped me to lower my blood pressure, so I decided to incorporate some of it in my life. I will just tell you, that everyone has to give it a chance.

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