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Make Money Online For Stay at Home Moms

Make Money Online For Stay at Home Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom?  Want to make money online?  Need a legitimate work-from-home job?

Choosing to work while also being a mother is no doubt the most daunting task known to humankind.

Stay at home moms work the equivalent of two and a half full-time jobs.  Especially if you consider the caring and nuturing they give to their kids and families. 

Yet, there are some great ways that you can work from home and still be the super mom we know you are.  I have laid out everything you should know as you seek out legitimate work at home jobs for moms.

In this article, I will take you through different jobs that you can do right at home from your own computer.

I will look at the many different jobs out there and talk about what you will need to do.  I will also cover the equipment, skills and qualifications you will need.

I will outline the least hours you will need to work.  And I will talk to you about the earning potential of each job.  I will also mention some “opportunities” that are actually scams.

Different Legitimate Make Money Online Jobs

There are plenty of great jobs out there, and you will have the world as your oyster once you get started.  Stay with me to look at these real work from home opportunities.

Here are 10 Legitimate Ways to Make a Living From Home
So You Can Spend More Time With Your Kids

medical transcriptionist

1. Medical Transcriptionist

Most of the time, a medical transcriptionist will work for a hospital or a doctor’s office.  Many of these individuals can work from home, and at a time and place they choose.

These tasks will have you transcribing a recorded medical dictation.  You really only need a desk, computer and an earphone.

You will also need a medical transcriptionist program completion certificate.  This particular program is at the top of my list because the need is great and this field is expected to grow in the forthcoming years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2016 medical transcriptionists earned about $35,720, or about $17 an hour.  I don't have any more up to date figures but it's safe to assume that earnings have risen since then.

Note: You can sometimes find a job through your vocational school from which you earned your certificate.


  • You can choose your own hours

  • The pay is great

  • You can work from home and enjoy those benefits


  • Requires post secondary training that you will likely have to pay for

  • Sedentary job - not a lot of moving around

  • You have to meet strict deadlines and be on time

Click Here for Medical Transcription Jobs


2. Translator

The US Bureau of Labor reports that most translators do the bulk of their work at home.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 22% of translators were self-employed in 2016.

This job is not limited to simply translating things like documents.  For example, you might find work at a bilingual call center.  You could also work in interpretation, localization, or even teaching online.

These jobs may have varying skill sets.  Jobs will also vary by language as some languages are more in-demand than others.

Many translation jobs are performed by freelance workers.  Some companies may hire you out of the home as a permanent employee.

Translators work in industries that are professional, scientific and technical.  Also in private, local and state sectors.  Other areas include hospital, government and large corporate offices.

One thing you should know as you enter this profession is that words matter.  Of course, you know this, but just remember that mistranslating a word could lead to money lost - and your employment terminated.  Only pursue this if you really know how to speak two languages with absolute fluency.

Currently, the average wage for a full-time translator is almost $50,000 - so if you know a second language, hop to it.


  • There is an increasing demand for translators as companies work with foreign investors

  • You can charge more depending on the document-for instance, a legal document

  • You can enhance your own understanding of the language by speaking with others


  • You have to REALLY know the language - being a native speaker or someone who has really internalized the language is critical

  • You will be up against some serious competition among students and other speakers for jobs

  • Work may be unsteady or intermittent at times

Click Here for some Translation Jobs.

virtual assistant

3. Virtual Assistant

Many businesses operating entirely online nowadays.  So, it’s no surprise that many hire virtual assistants.  Every business needs to keep things organized and administrative tasks completed.  And if these tasks can be outsourced to freelancers then all the better.

Virtual Assistants are usually independent contractors who support many clients in varying industries.  They provide any in-demand work, such as creative, technical and administrative services.

These jobs vary from position to position.  You might be writing and replying to emails, creating documents related to the business, responding to social media or regular media and business inquiries, or even writing content to fill web pages.

You can expect to be paid about $15 to $75 per hour.  What you make depends upon who you are working for, and what level of skill is needed for your day to day tasks.


  • You can work from home

  • You can set your own hours and center work around family time

  • Your work will be varied and interesting from job to job


  • You may not be paid the same benefits as someone in the brick and mortar office

  • You are responsible for all the little and big details that make a business run smoothly

Click Here for Virtual Assistant Jobs. You can also try Upwork or for some jobs, too.

web developer

4. Web Developer

To build your own website is a relatively easy task these days. Especially if you take advantage of the many opportunities for learning that are out there today.

Online, you can easily learn how to build your own website and many people really enjoy it!  But most people cannot do this task, and that is where people like you are needed.

You can work anywhere, so long as you have a laptop and a fast Internet connection.  With top earners making well over $65,000 this is a great opportunity to tap into if you have skills in this field.

You typically will not need an advanced degree to begin working in this particular field. All you need is a small portfolio of sites you have designed and managed - if they like your work, they will use you. If you have post-secondary education and good experience then all the better.

There are some great coding boot camps you can also take advantage of. This will boost your resume and show them you are up on the latest info.


  • You can set your own hours and work just about anywhere you like!

  • You can have an easier time balancing work and home life. And you can feel less stressed if you have to put off work in favor of a family matter

  • You don’t need to worry about dressing the part or a long, daily commute and all the stress of that


  • You may become overworked at home and experience burnout. Your home office may become a negative space

  • You may feel isolated or alone when you do not work in a typical office environment

  • Your productivity may not be at its highest when you do not have someone supervising you

Click Here for Web Developer Jobs

travel agent

5. Travel Agent

Demand is expected to go down for this particular position, but the opportunities for travel agents are still there.

If you can rope in Internet clients and help them plan out their vacations, your expertise is needed.

The Bureau of Labor statistics indicates that the prospects are strongest for people who:

  • Offer expertise in a certain area of the world
  • Who have experience planning adventures or tours
  • Are good at planning group travels.

You will collect commission on the arrangements you book.  And you can get access to really great travel deals.

You can work with huge companies or even specific smaller businesses.  Your best bet is to search out a host agency and work from there.

The vast majority of travel agents work in the reservation services sector. Many work in the travel arrangement area of the industry.

In 2017, travel agents earned about $40,000 per year. Salaries vary according to your region. So, consider that when you go searching for this particular line of employment.


  • You will be helping people do what is fun-going on holiday or vacation!

  • You may even get to travel yourself as part of this position

  • You will be challenged every day as you help people solve problems and think on your feet


  • If the economy is not faring well, neither will your industry

  • You will likely be responsible for meeting a monthly or weekly sales goal.

  • If your performance suffers, your job may suffer also

  • You have to always be passionate about the products and services you are trying to sell.

Click Here for Travel Agents Jobs.

professional blogger

6. Professional Blogger

Okay, time for us to be real.  This is unlike any other work from home online venture that you’ve ever dealt with before.

This is one position where YOU have to show up and do all the work yourself.

Building and running a blog is a lot like building a home.  It can take years before it is sound and standing on its own foundation.

The vast majority of blogs make no money for years.  It takes a long time to go through their growth process and get established.  But once you get going, it will be worth it - an average salary of $41,000 is not too shabby.

There is plenty of potential for you moms out there.  If you are able to build up an audience, grow your site, and then find a way to monetize it, you can make good money.

You can make money from affiliate advertising, Google AdSense, sponsored posts, and selling your own products.

You can use your blog to start your own business.  Domains do not cost much - maybe $12 a year - and web hosting can be about $8 a month.

You have to really love what you do, and it can be very difficult to keep your blog running full time.

Like any online business, you have to set goals, network with other bloggers and make some guest posts.

You will have to learn about driving traffic.  And master skills such as SEO, internet marketing and email list building.  You will need to do anything you can to get more people into your space.


  • The flexibility is amazing-you can just work from anywhere-even when you are vacationing or traveling

  • You can supplement your blogs with vlogs - and document your life and journey that way, drawing in more followers

  • Your outreach and influence can be used for good. People will share your content with friends, and you may be surprised how many people visit your blog


  • SEO can be hard to master-and you may end up hiring an experienced freelancer to handle this part for you

  • The path to making money is long and hard - it may be years before you see any profits

  • You have to be on top of your content and keep your readers engaged, which may be harder than you think!

Click Here for more information about Full-Time Blogging

freelance writing

7. Freelance Writing

These days, writers are in demand more than ever, especially online.

Due to the expansion of the internet and social media there is a correlating increased need for content of all kinds.

People who have a way with words are needed to write news articles, create new content, and come up with the great ideas.

All those new web pages need content and someone has to create that content. Is that 'someone' you?

You can cover all kinds of neat topics depending on the job.  Everything from health and wellness, to pets, to fashion, to the best sports cars to buy.  There are thousands of market sectors out there in which you could specialize.

Many of the larger websites employ full-time writers that work for them in-house.  But a growing number of sites outsource their content to freelance content creators.

It’s a bonus if you specialize in a specific field. But what you really need to succeed is ambition and drive.  That, and a creative way of writing.

You can make about $23 per hour as a freelance writer, says Payscale.  It depends on the quality of your writing and the niche you choose.  For example, a top sales copywriter can charge $150K for one sales letter.

To get yourself hired, you should have a portfolio made up of your work.  At least have some samples that you can send out to interested parties.  Otherwise, include links to your work included in with your resume.

Your pay will vary based upon the article you are writing and the content inside of it.  You may charge by the hour, by the word count, or a fixed fee.  Some writers can make $150 per article, and others can make $1,500 per finished piece (e.g. 3,000 words @ $0.50 per word).


  • Your topics may vary from day to day, and it keeps things interesting

  • You can work just about anywhere.  Your office is wherever your laptop can fit

  • You can set your own hours 


  • Your pay will be dependent upon when the client chooses to send his or her payment

  • You may be distracted when you work in unfamiliar environments

Click Here for freelance Writing Jobs.

data entry

8. Data Entry

Many businesses need workers to enter data into their systems.

Whether that data is used to track shipments or inventory, measure performance, measure output, or even create business plans, it’s all valuable and needs to be tracked.

This is good news because it affords many of us the chance to do this work from home.

Data entry workers can earn more than $30,000.  The top earners earn over $45,000.  Many data entry jobs are already work at home jobs, so search out popular job sites for a posting that will suit you.


  • Little to no training is needed to learn how to do this and do it well

  • Working from home gives you flexibility to be with family when needed and work when needed

  • Supplies needed are not much.  A computer, fast internet connection, and the ability to read is usually all you'll need 


  • This work is not the most exciting line of work - it can be boring

  • Your work will never pay a huge amount - it is a simple task

  • This kind of work may done by robots very soon

  • You may be paid based on the amount of work you complete.  So, if you are slower, it may not pay as well as it does for others

Click Here for Data Entry Jobs

call center

9. Call Center Rep

In today’s world, we are online and eager to seek answers 24/7.

This means that businesses need people who can answer the phone at all hours of the day.  Whatever the time zone, they need to assist their customers.  That includes getting orders processed quickly and efficiently.

Many of these jobs are going to people who work from home thanks to many of these businesses working online.

You will need a computer and some equipment as well as specific software.  Training will be provided for any company-specific software or procedures.

You need to have a pleasant phone voice. And be friendly, professional and organized. Experience in customer service, data entry, or retail sales would also be an advantage.

The median salary for this line of work is about $30,000, but you may earn more or less depending on who hires you.


  • This is a great job if you have any physical disabilities that prevent you from doing physical labor

  • You can work from home, avoid the commute, and help people

  • You may even help people over email or chat - not always the telephone 


  • You may have to deal with irate or angry customers

  • Turnover can be high in these environments

  • These jobs can be stressful

Click Here for remote Call Center Rep jobs.

social media manager

10. Social Media Manager

Every successful business is on social media.

Today, businesses are under increasing pressure to have a prominent social media presence.  After all, everybody nowadays has a smartphone and social media account.

That's why companies need to find knowledgeable people who can manage these platforms.

There are thousands of positions available on various sites devoted to work at home jobs.  For example, Social Media Managers earn about $15-$75 per hour.  You can even work for a retainer or a set monthly fee.  Payscale indicates you can earn on average about $49,000 a year for this line of work.


  • Help clients grow their presence online

  • It is fun and exciting to answer questions and get your company to rank higher in search engine results


  • You have to be connected at all times, and ready to respond

  • You have to execute campaigns designed to draw in business and ensure their success

  • You will be dealing with complaints

  • You will have to counter bad reviews and inaccurate info about your company

Click Here for Social Media Manager jobs.

Choosing a Legitimate Job: What Makes a Scam?

I commend you for wanting to work online.  After all, the world operates online nowadays.

The ability to work anywhere from a laptop or smart phone has freed many of us to take our work wherever our life goes.  But I want you to keep one golden rule in mind...

When you make searches such as "legitimate work at home jobs for moms" be careful...

If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Now, let’s examine a few online job scams so you know what to look out for.

Online Job Scams

Scammers have several reasons to collect your confidential, personal information. So, keep your eyes peeled and double check every job you are interested in before replying to the post.

Often, these scams are posted on Craigslist and other job forums or search sites, and even on Facebook and Twitter. You may have received such offers in your email.

Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs I urge you to watch out for as you start your search for legitimate work from home opportunities:

  • You are offered work without any sort of interview, discussion, or application process
  • You are asked to send money or for credit card info
  • You are asked for Social Security info or Driver’s License info
  • You are promised an outlandish amount of money for easy work
  • You are asked to pay for a credit report as per the hiring process
  • You must pay for your training
  • You have to cash a check and then forward some money to a third party

Also, if the company is being cagey or not forthcoming about the salary or pay, investigate why.  Do some Googling or ask other moms on social media if they know anything about it. 

Investigate the Company

As a mom, you can always tell when your kids are not themselves.  Put your mother’s intuition skills to work.  Do your part to verify the legitimacy of the company you’re interested in.

Google the name of your online jobs from home company and then add “scam” or “rip off” to the end of the search.  That should give some insight.  If you do not find any results or contact info for the company, call the Better Business Bureau and see what they say.

What Scams Do I Avoid?

I have examined ways to tell if you have stumbled upon a scam or not.

This can be a hard task in and of itself, as sometimes information on some companies can be limited.

Now, we will take a look at a few job types that are usually connected with a scam.

Knowing about these scams, and how they work, will keep you from putting yourself, or your family, in financial harm.  It will also keep your personal information safe and sound.

Credit Report Scam

This scam happens when an "employer" asks to see your credit report as part of the application process.

You then pay a fee or get a credit report for the employer.  Then the scammer gets your personal info and steals your identity.

They start by asking you to use a “free” service that actually costs money.  You usually end up paying anyways.  You might see an email with words like these come through.  I have paraphrased this info:

"We would like to take this chance to thank you for your response to our Craigslist job post.  We have read through your resume and are excited to talk about this opportunity with you. In order to proceed, we ask that you get your credit score checked."

"We have arranged for a free service to get your score.  Once you have completed this, send us the confirmation # as soon as you can.  We can then move forward."

Phishing Scams

In this scam, you would get an email stating that a company has clients with positions that you could be well qualified for.

You will get some email stating just how wonderful your resume looked, and thanks to your previous experience in X industry etc.

"We think you would be well suited.  Click the link below to see the full job description.”

Again, I have paraphrased this, but do watch out for this type of wording.

Other related scams include:

  • Shipping Scams - The employer will promise you can earn heaps of cash by reshipping (repackaging and forwarding goods).  Most companies do not need someone to do this for them.
  • Recruiting Scams - Recruiters contact you and say that they have clients with positions that you may be suited for (but no current openings).  They then try to sell you training that will increase your chance of being hired
  • Money Laundering Scams - A person, usually from a foreign country, will ask to use your personal bank account to move stolen or bad checks.  They will promise a part of the funds for yourself.
  • In Closing

    Earning some extra money for your family need not be hard or time consuming.  Do your research first and investigate the jobs you are interested in.  Make sure they are legitimate and then get to work like the super mom and employee you are.

    To make money online the easiest way, I use and recommend Surveys For Cash, which you can sign up for here.  If you want to learn more about this product I have a review where I go more in depth.  Read my Surveys For Cash review here.

    Work From Home

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  • Freida says:

    Awesome! This is very helpful especially for us moms who are trying to make ends meet in the midst of this global crisis. Making money online thankfully is a good option where we can ensure our safety while having the opportunity to also take care of our household. Nice to see there are a variety of available online jobs to cater at least different interests. Thank you for this, will share with others.

  • Jenifer says:

    Aren’t moms awesome? I mean, they do so much, especially when you have 2+ kids running around the house which need constant attention! Not trying to blow my own horn here but it’s not easy to do all these things and this makes me appreciate my mother even more. She had to take care of 5 kids!

    Anyway, it’s hard to make money online for stay at home moms. I tried a few things but didn’t quite make enough. I hadn’t considered being a virtual assistant before but I’m now excited about the idea of doing that kind of job. I will try to learn more about what I should do to become a good VA. Thanks for also presenting some of the warning signs of scams; this would have come in handy a few months ago when I got scammed.

  • Danica J. says:

    IMO Social Media Marketing is the best option someone can do MMO from home. It’s the best way to make money online for stay at home moms too because you need little experience and can work whenever you want! If you just watch a few short tutorials on youtube you can do it. For some of the web stuff that would take more time to learn, but WordPress is actually pretty easy to use.

  • Leanne says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have searched how to make money online for stay at home moms on Google. Most of the time you get directed to clear scams and no legitimize information. You have listed legit career options that can be done from home and I just wanted to say thank you. What I like about this list is that it includes something for everyone regardless of experience or education. Just because I tend to my kids all day doesn’t mean I want to be without work!

  • Emma says:

    A friend of mine explained the “pie theory” which I think would be a perfect way for making money online for stay at home moms… it’s basically like you draw a circle, then divide the circle into 8 sections. In each section, fill in an income source that you can do, then fill the rest of the pie sections up.

    Start with a few, then move to more, so eventually you will have multiple income streams. My friend suggested to do some like blogging or e-commerce mixed in with more task oriented jobs such as being a virtual assistant. That way, you can slowly work on the websites that will take a bit to get ranked in search engines.

    Hopefully, at some point, all of your “pie slices” will be bringing in varying amounts of income. Having a variety of income sources is important for those working from home, especially moms who want to work from home.

  • Cassie says:

    Do you know how many people out there, especially stay at home MOMS, are looking for work from home? Personally, I would love a legitimate, home business.

  • Ginger Toro says:

    Virtual assistants can make up to 75 dollars an hour?! That’s amazing!! I know what I am going to be doing for the rest of the night! But first to work on my resume 🙂

  • Maci Anderson says:

    As a mom, freelance writing sounds like a perfect way for moms to make money from home, especially if they have loud, young children. For the little cost of starting up a website, it seems that blogging would be perfect for stay at home moms too to earn extra income. I love looking at mom blogs and vlogs.

  • Liz says:

    Moms can use all the extra income they can get! Working from home allows the mom to be with their young kids or just home when their kids get home from school. I plan to be a work from home mom one day, when the time comes. Making money while being a stay at home mom, I mean, really, that just sounds awesome to me primarily because I think it’s good for moms to have a backup source of income.

  • Hiren says:

    I always wanted to be a blogger, since I was a small girl. But I never got the nerve to start my own blog. It seems impossible for me, and I think that it is hard to do it in 2020.

  • Jane says:

    All of these seem awesome and easy when you read about them, but I would need a lot of courage to leave my own job and start doing something online. I really admire women that can do it.

  • Daniella says:

    I am pregnant, and my boyfriend does not want me to work when the kid arrives. He says that he wants me to be with our child, not some nanny. I would love to have my own money even if I stay home, so these ideas are awesome. Thank you.

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