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How to Text a Guy to Turn Him On

Text Chemistry

It’s perfectly fine to turn your partner on by texting him a message or two. But you must get your message right by saying the right thing. 

Simply put, don’t bore your man. A text message that asks him how or what he’s doing, or what he did the night before, is just downright boring. You will definitely not be turning him on in any way. 

The text you send doesn’t have to be a great big song and dance. It just needs to be simple and to the point, interesting and intriguing. 

Don’t go on and on about mundane things just to give your message some body. Believe me, he will get so bored and may think that you are the wrong choice after all. 

Keeping messages simple and to the point will guarantee a favourable response. 

When he does answer you, don’t be so quick to jump on the text. Let him think you have other things that need your attention - whether or not that’s true is irrelevant. 

Give it at least five minutes before getting back to see what he has to say. Let his mind wander about what you could be thinking. 

Always remember to check your spelling and grammar. There’s nothing worse than trying to turn someone on via text, and your man has no idea what you’re saying. Don't send texts riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. 

Keep your texts fun, a little mysterious, and ambiguous. This is important to keep him interested in you and what it is you are trying to do.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about him. Let him see that there is an interest on your part. Men like to see this as it makes them feel important. 

Asking a simplified question can lead to a more ambiguous answer on your part. Especially if he asks, "Why?" ... leaving the door open for more opportunities to turn him on. 

Keeping all texts lighthearted, positive, and uplifting will carry over to him. He will know that you have a great personality and are someone he wants to be around. 

Making suggestions, such as letting him know that you might be naked, frisky, or even aroused, will send his imagination running wild! 

Let him know that he’s responsible for putting you in that state and watch how interesting these text messages become. 

When sending text messages, make sure you do not use too many emojis. Emojis are not unique to you as everyone uses them, and you want these text messages to be original and special. 

When texting your man, you have the opportunity to create a lot of sexual tension between the both of you. That’s exactly what you want when turning him on. 

Sometimes, you will find this easier to do via text rather than when face to face with him. So, don’t be afraid to open up the flood gates. 

No matter what, do not send a nude photo of yourself, once it’s out there, it’s never coming back. Not only that, but it could cheapen your message, reputation, and could very well frighten away your man. 

Send him short, sweet photos of yourself, keep it enticing, and nothing too dangerous. 

Be sure to leave lots of teasing in your texts. This will set the scene for what should be happening later with the two of you. 

Teasing is all part of the sexual tension you developed between you. All related to those short and ambiguous texts, and even an innocent photo. 

If you want to keep turning him on via text, be comfortable and confident in what you are saying and doing. The goal is to keep him turned on. If you are ever uncomfortable with what you are sending, don’t hit “send”, you won’t be able to take it back.

Do not rely solely on these texts, as there is a chance that they may not go according to your plan. 

You will need to be able analyze this and take time to see where it went wrong.

Did you come on too strong? Were expectations too high? Did you come across as being too forceful and domineering? 

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No need to become overwhelmed and anxious when turning your man on via text. With these tips and “Text Chemistry” who will he be able to resist you? 

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