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How Can Leptin Affect Weight Loss

How Can Leptin Affect Weight Loss

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a protein produced in the fat cells to regulate the need for food - better known as our appetite - along with fat storage.

Leptin’s main function is to help maintain body weight, as it is a naturally produced hormone which sends signals to the brain, informing it that you are satisfied.

As Leptin is the regulator of our body weight, the more fat in the body that is present will cause more Leptin to be produced.

To help maintain body weight, when we ingest fatty food or if we currently have body fat, Leptin begins to produce in quantities big enough to silence the trigger of being hungry and needing more food.

A Leptin-Conscious Diet

When it comes to dieting, it is best to keep it “old fashioned” - eat three meals per day without overeating, eat a good breakfast, and do not snack after your main meal. This sounds simple enough, and this process will enable Leptin to come into play.

A Leptin conscious diet primarily focuses on using fresh products, with an emphasis on healthy proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables and avoiding sugary and processed foods and too many carbohydrates. This diet primarily focuses on foods that fill you up and give you a sense of satiety, decreasing the need to overeat.

Today, many have stood alongside this diet, suggesting that this is the only way to go, and eating three healthy meals per day rather than six with a healthy snack in between, leads to better results.

A leptin conscious diet is particularly successful with women, as it is easier to organize and meal plan, be more diligent, and see results quickly.

For this diet to work and produce optimal results, Leptin must be activated. To ensure that Leptin is activated, plenty of sleep, a reduction in stress, regular exercise, and eating healthy proteins, will all allow Leptin to be activated in the body.

If those steps are not taken, it could cause an issue with the body building up a resistance to Leptin, resulting in the body telling you; “you are hungry” when in fact, you are not.

Activating Leptin

Activating Leptin is vitally important, because the signal to the brain always needs to be strong and clear so the body knows when it is satisfied, and when it needs food, preventing overeating or undereating.

If needed, a Leptin supplement can be administered to help boost effectivity and decrease the possibility of producing a Leptin resistant hormone.

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