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First Date Tips For Women

first date tips for women

Here's Ten of The Most Common First Date Questions I Get Asked:

1. How Long Should You Date Before Calling Someone Your Boyfriend?

Well, this is one of those questions that must be answered with more questions.

Are you both on the same page? Are you both as excited about your relationship with as you were the first day?

If your answer to both questions is YES, then YAY! Now is the time to start calling him your boyfriend.

Alternatively, a good place to start can be assessing your reality. Do you really like your partner, and do they feel the same about you? Do you feel comfortable in each other’s company? If yes, then go for it.

A good litmus test would be meeting his friends or getting him meet yours. Your friends can give you a more objective view of relationship, which will help you make a better decision. You can also get a feel of how he treats you around his friends.

The amount of time you’ve spent with each other is also important. If you share a place of work or live nearby, then you are spending more time together. This accelerates a relationship, and you may reach this place in your relationship very quickly. However, if you are only going out on a date once in a while, you may need more time.

Before diving headfirst into it, be on the lookout for some pitfalls. You might be with the right person and your relationship might be growing stronger but jumping to presumptions may cost you a good relationship.

So, if you have been dating for a while, then there’s nothing wrong with asking him about who you are to him. The longer you date, the stronger your foundation will grow. This is more likely to result in a healthy relationship where you both can openly discuss what’s on your mind.

2. How Do You Confirm a Date With a Guy Via Text?

Setting up those first few dates is usually the hardest part of any new relationship.

You may not know how to approach the other person and you definitely do not want to risk losing a potential lover. You are at that stage where you are both open to a relationship but have not made any solid plans. You are probably waiting for a text from him with eagerness.

If that’s so, then don’t wait! You can send them a text message without sounding desperate. Just be a little careful about the words you use.

Don’t directly message him the date and the hour you have in mind. Start with a question, such as, “Hey, are we still meeting?” So, if he doesn't have the time, he can excuse himself without turning it into a rejection.

If he’s also up for the date, again give him options. For example, “How’s Saturday for you? I will be free after five.” With this question you are still considering his schedule while respecting your own.

The next vital component is the time of day that you send the text. I suggest that you send your first text at around mid-morning or afternoon, at least 3 days before the date. This serves two purposes. One, it gives him time to plan and answer in the affirmative. Two, it shows him that he‘s not the first thing you think about when you wake up or the last thing before you slept at night.

Finally, on the day of the date, send him a message to confirm whether you should be there. If he doesn’t reply ask yourself, “Do I really want to go out on a date with such a person?” If they do reply, enjoy your date!

3. What Do You Do After The First Date With a Guy?

If the date went well, do two things: express your interest and don’t sounding desperate.

Here’s how you can accomplish both. It’s nice to be nice. So, don’t wait to message the guy letting him know that you enjoyed your time. If he replies, then you can fire up a conversation. Send him funny links, let him know about your plans for the week, and stay in touch.

Whether you are getting positive responses or not do not make these conversations the center of your life. Keep yourself busy and do not make the mistake of dissecting your conversations with him.

Do not misconstrue a little delay in his reply. We are all human and we are all busy these days. The rule is simple – it takes two people to make a relationship. If both of you are interested, it WILL work out. So, don’t stress.

4. What Do You Do When a Guy Cancels a Date Because of Work?

The short answer is, you want him to know that you are okay with him canceling the plans because of work.

Why would you do that? It shows that your life was not revolving around this one date. If he cancels the date, then it’s not a big deal.

This is a nice gesture. You will present yourself as a level-headed individual who understands that life happens and you don’t need to blame someone for any unexpected events.

Put yourself in his place. Would you like to be with someone who loses their mind if your boss calls you in for an urgent meeting? Of course not. Well, it’s the same for your guy.

If he’s worth keeping, he will be nothing but appreciative of how you understood his side of the story. He will know you must be upset, if not angry, and he will make it up to you. That’s what mature people do.

5. What Does a Lunch Date Mean to a Guy?

Lunch dates are less stressful than an evening date. There are a lot of reasons for that. Lunch dates are easier to reserve and are often lighter on the pocket than dinner dates. We also tend to think of daylight dates as less serious. So, your guy may want to test the waters before diving in.

A lunch date can also mean a lot of good things – there’s no loud music and it’s not socially acceptable to fill up on booze. So, you’re more likely to have a good, meaningful conversation.

Just because it’s lunchtime doesn’t mean he wants to take you to lunch. It’s also possible that the guy wants to do more things with you; like take a walk in the park, visit his favorite spot in the city, or something else. So, this would make a lunch date more ‘intimate’ than a dinner date.

6. What Do You Do When a Guy Says, “Thank you,” After a Date?

It’s nice to say, “Thank you.” However, after you have been on a romantic date, a lonely “Thank you” isn’t the best response. When a guy says, “Thank you,” wait and see how he backs it up. So, if it’s just a “Thank you,” maybe he does not want to pursue you anymore.

It may be possible that he’s the shy type and does not know how to push things forward. You can give him a nudge in the direction you want things to go by telling him that you had a good time. You can then follow it up with one or two messages telling him what food you liked and how great the restaurant was etc.

However, if you do not get a positive response, just stop. Do not come over as desperate.

7. How Should You Act on a Second Date With a Guy?

A second date says that you made a good first impression and he finds you intriguing enough to want to know you better. It’s also the date that can turn this into a relationship. So, don’t make haste.

By the the second date you should know him a little better and he may want to tell you more about himself. Listen to him intently.

Stay away from telling him your deepest secrets but you can tell him about how passionate you are about your hobbies, where you like to travel, where you spent your childhood, and other general stuff.

So as not to give him the wrong impression it’s a good rule to stay away from boasting, mentioning old boyfriends or using bad language. It’s also a good idea to refrain from appearing needy. And, whatever you do, don’t scare him away by planning engagement parties, wedding dates or baby names.

Lastly, offer to split the bill, but don’t make it a point of contention.

8. How Do You Get a Guy to Plan a Date?

Many women ask me advice on how to get a man to ask them out. They also want to know how to get him to plan exactly where to go on the date. May be you should give a heavy hint as to where you'd like to go?

It’s always nice to speak to a person who is smiling, genuine, and easy to talk to. Be that person. He’ll respond positively if you smile, flirt, and hint at going to a specific place or attending a specific event.

The logic is simple – if the guy thinks you are nice and interested in going out with him, he will ask you out on a date. How do you make that happen?

  • Body language says a lot about what you want. So, let him know that you are interested by making eye contact, lean towards him while talking, laugh at his jokes, and so on.
  • Trust the flirting. Compliment him on his knowledge, looks, or his sense of dressing.
  • Wear clothes that show off your body while keeping it all modest.
  • Tease him lightly to keep things interesting.
  • Ask him his interests and find some common ground. Talk about them.
  • DON’T let him friendzone you. If he asks for advice about another girl, steer away so that he knows you do not want to be like any other friend.
  • DON’T be around all the time or pester to meet him. Keep him wanting more of you.

Now that the guy is asking you for a date. Go to a place you want to. Here’s how.

  • If there is a band you both like, you can find out concerts or events linked to the band in your area.
  • If you have common friends, encourage them to drop hints about your interests
  • Talk to him about how good the food is at your favorite restaurant and that you would like to go with him there someday.
  • If the guy likes you, he’ll try hard to impress you. So, if your guy is not the best at planning dates, you can put him out of his misery and directly suggest a place you would like to go.

9. What Should You Do When a Guy French Kisses You on the First Date?

It depends on how you both feel about each other. If you do not feel that strongly about him, just ask him to stop. That’s always good.

A French kiss on the first date can mean two things – he’s very attracted to you, or he just kisses every woman on the first date. Now, which one is your guy? Go back to the conversations you have had.

If he has been excited to meet you, had an engaging conversation with you on the date, and can’t wait to meet you again, you might be looking at a guy who has fallen head over heals for you.

If he’s generally not that passionate about other parts of the relationship as he is about the kiss, he’s Mr. always-kisses-on-first-dates.

10. Can Sex Make Him Fall in Love With You?

No. Period.

Sex is not a tool for you to make someone fall in love with you. It’s an experience that you share with someone you like, or better, love. There are better ways to make a man obsessed with you.

If it only takes sex for him to fall in love with you, then that’s what’s going to take him to fall in love with another woman too. Your relationship might last for a few weeks or even months but if it’s only based on your sexual relationship it won’t last.


At the end of the day, it is your life and you should be its central character. Whatever you do, always love yourself. If you don’t, a stranger certainly won’t. Once you have found your inner love, you will find it easier to find, give, and receive love.