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Emma Davies

Emma really enjoys her work and has a proven record of helping hundreds of families resolve their issues - pregnancy, birth, potty training, tantrums... she's seen it all. She is passionate about children's physical safety and optimal mental development. Emma has been a full-time blogger and writer for over eight years, since starting her family. Married, with three children that take up a great deal of her time, she tries hard to maintain a good work-life balance. Her real-life experiences help her provide trustworthy and practical advice for all busy moms. When Emma isn't working she likes to spend time with her kids, dining out and going to the movies. Emma is based in Houston, Texas.


How to Get Pregnant [Easily]

By Emma Davies

Once you set your mind to starting a family, waiting is the last thing you want to do, right?  Sometimes it takes days or even months to get pregnant.  This can leave some women with a sense of hopelessness.  They can feel frustration, anxiety or depression. That brings us to another important question…  How Long Does it Take […]