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Writer and Author. Angel is waging war on content mediocrity. She loves to share her expert knowledge about everything spiritual. She is passionate about the power of natural healing methods, "My life's mission is to help women attain everlasting happiness through spiritual enlightenment". She is an Amazon best-selling author and is working on another book titled 'Spirituality: Absolute Enlightenment'. She also writes regular articles about renewable energy and climate change. She is currently single and loving it. When Angel isn't working she likes yoga, relaxing and cultural events. Oh, and spending time with her cats Salt and Pepper. Angel is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.


What Is Spirituality? The Ultimate Guide!

By Angel Patel

The word “spirituality” is used quite a lot nowadays.  But what does it mean exactly and how does it impact your life?  Perhaps you know spirituality as something related to religion.  Others might say it means not being materialistic or superficial. The interpretations are endless, but its impact on human life is worth exploring.  So, follow […]

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By Angel Patel

If you’re contemplating picking up a numerology report, that means you believe in it to some extent. People who are cynical about life usually do not turn to numerology or astrology. However, even for those who believe, it’s important to pick the correct numerology site to get reports from. The internet is littered with dodgy […]